Ali, cook at KRNYH
Valerie Stahl von Stromberg


The situation on Kos is turning desperate again and, as always in case of urgency, we call for new donations. Please help us keep up our system.

With current calculations, we run out of funding by the end of October and would have to stop our support – which is not in the interest of us, the UNHCR or the Kos population.

A brief summary in retrospect:
Throughout the past 390 days, we as KRNYH distributed warm food every single day, more than 150,000 meals to refugees in need on Kos.

We managed to establish a well functioning system in close collaboration with the UNHCR and the Greek community, integrating a Greek cook who employs Greeks as well as Pakistani and Afghan refugees.

In February, a Hotspot was installed – far too late due to severe opposition of the local municipality not wanting to accept the situation of a steady influx of refugees and migrants on the island. The hotspot, a place which is responsible in its definition in registering, supplying shelter, medical aid, food and a basic living condition for each refugee, is failing in Kos.

It is heavily overcrowded with numbers exceeding 1500 (scoped for 800 places) and conditions being very very low. It is lacking in basic cleaning materials like bleach and mops, there is not enough food and most NGO's are still prohibited in entering the premises.

The mood in the Hotspot is very tender, refugees are stuck and have no destination or rights to leave.

We as KRNYH are delivering the food to the outside of the structure which is just outside a village, called PILI (an ancient Turkish village 10 miles outside Kos Town). There is an essential need to offer food to the many families and minors staying outside the hotspot. The island does not have a support infrastructure as we are used to in Germany.

Again, the island is totally overwhelmed and everybody, especially the UNHCR and all NGOs, are in starting shoes worried about increasing arrivals.

The last ten days had an up of 500 arrivals, which were the first high arrivals since the Turkey/EU deal. The EU is however not sufficiently supporting there. The budgets are overstretched and the local municipalities are not contributing to any aspects of the aid for these people.

So, in order to continue our food program, we need your continuous support and are thankful for every EURO POUND DOLLAR YEN RMB helps. All currencies welcome.

With current numbers, we have weekly costs of 2000 EUR for food and additional supplies for all refugees outside the hotspot of Kos.



Valerie Stahl, Verena von Stromberg
Kyttaro Club serving lunch and breakfast daily to all refugees
valerie stahl
food distribution
valerie stahl

25 February 2016

25 February 2016, Berlin

Good Morning, we have been busy with many things in Kos, Cologne, Berlin, our work, family time or urgency for a while to post, which does not mean that there is any change in strategy or action, keeping out of politics.

We have been and are continuing our support daily, with breakfast and tea at Kyttarro Club and lunch for all refugees that are on the island.
The Hotspot is being developed as I write and there are negotiations between the Army, UNHCR,FRONTEX and NGO's on how to collaborate.
At the moment there are around 350 refugees on the island with high arrivals in the last few days. (40% Pakistanis, 60% Syrians, Iraqis and Afghani families)

Please donate. We rely on and solely function with slow and steady donations. thank you. salam

1 December 2015

very varied days of arrivals, ranging from 2-500 daily, number have surely gone down, estimate today is 400 refugees on Kos.

we have a new system of food distribution which offers and gives food to all families at Hotel Oscar rented by UNHCR in collaboration with Mercy Corps and our food support. The people staying there 1-3 days are mainly Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi families being categorised in vulnerability criteria 1-3 depending in availability , 300 beds are available.

Most Pakistani men are staying outdoors in tents or elsewhere, we offer food for all people and all nationalities and hope to open a space for all refugees to be able to meet and talk and have warm tea in  the next to weeks. Also as there needs to be a permanent solution for food distribution during rain/cold/Storm. Our new Kos Coordinators, a dutch doctor and a Syrian ex-journalist who runs the NGO Salam in Berlin are doing tremendous work for KRNYH.


5 November 2015

KRNYH distributed 1500 meals of rice and vegetable dishes. thanks to all volunteers helping with the queues.

just received these heartbreaking news again from our KRNYH local volunteer:
"Ich habe gerade 2 volunteers getroffen die heute Nacht mit im Krankenhaus waren um einer Familie zu helfen. Boot nur Sprit für halbe Überfahrt dickes Schiff kommt vorbei Wellen bringen das Schlauchboot zum umkippen. Ein Vater hat 3 Kinder im arm und schwimmt bis zur Rettung 3 stunden. Zwischendurch rutscht ihm ein Kind aus den armen und ertrinkt. Seine Frau ertrinkt. Sein Vater ist vermisst. Incl Schmuggler der auch gerettet wurde kommen alle wegen Unterkühlung ins Krankenhaus. Schmuggler in Handschellen. Jedoch setzt man ihn sehr unsensibel im Krankenhaus direkt neben den traumarisierten Vater"

.......just to point out how desperate the situation is.....

23 October 2015

22 October 2015
It is a crucial time now, 200-400 refugees still arriving daily, predictions being that this numbers will decline, but noone knows. No one knows when and where the Hub will be installed. The UNHCR also does not know. We talk about this in our weekly meetings.
We have given around 80.000 meals in three months and are the main actors on the island giving out warm food to refugees.
We are at a stage of reflection, reflection about the food system, Kos the Island, the inhabitants involvement, local involvement. The previous successful experiments working with a committed hotel preparing food for many weeks, before that a self production of food combinations (milk,pita, tomato,cucumber, cheese, fruit) and now a new contract with a local restaurant preparing 700-1000 meals daily starting on Thursday. It seems the locals are wiling to integrate themselves even more as as the tourist season is over we want to build up a system that works on a season-independent basis with committed participants that are also being paid in a fair manner.
2 days ago 1500 refugees turned up at our queue reminding us of the times in August when there was not enough food on the island and we did not have enough food.
We need your continuous support with donations but also a support on a UN financed level.